Travel moves the world

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Everyone who works at DestinationNXT always has a bag packed and ready to go. We’re always asking the question #whrnxt


We come in to work every day because we love to travel and we love to show people a good time. All of us come from the travel and hospitality industries (you could say we’re double-certified) and being able to earn a living doing what we love makes us really good at our jobs.


Whatever your objectives for your next M.I.C.E travel group, we’re here to help you make it real.

DestinationNXT’rs unboxed

We’re comfortable being the people behind the scenes, but sometimes it helps to tell the world who we are

DestinationNXT’rs unboxed

We’re comfortable being the people behind the scenes, but sometimes it helps to tell the world who we are

Anish Pednekar

Boss Man

Anish is our fearless leader, our sales guy, our back up plan and our fall guy all rolled in one. He makes work fun with his quirky ways and his whacky sense of humour. His favourite destination is Rome, because seriously, don't all roads lead to, err, Rome. (We did say wacky)


Janessa Fernandes

People Person

Janessa is responsible for HR and process improvement. Her goal is to travel to any country in the world that will give her a visa. Her favourite destination is Greece because democracy, ancient civilisation, mythology, culture, 227 islands... You get the picture.


Abhishek Jagtap

Experience Design

Abhishek is an artisan who builds our travel products and designs our memorable itineraries. He moonlights as a DJ and plays club cricket. His favourite destination is the Czech Republic because what's not to love about iconic, historical architecture.


Soon Tamang

Travel Concierge

Soon is responsible for overall M.I.C.E operations and working with our travel partners and associates. He feels blessed that he is paid to pursue his passion for travel. His favourite country to travel to is the United Kingdom because it is the birthplace of cricket and he is quite the fan.


Pratima Pardhi

Travel Concierge

Pratima works with our travel partners and associates to ensure M.I.C.E operations are smooth and seamless. She loves to dance and doesn't care who's watching. Her favourite destination is Greece because no matter how much you explore this beautiful country, there's still so much to see


Sayali Kadam

Travel Concierge

Sayali is a dreamer, who dances even when everyone's looking. She wants to travel the world and isn't wasting her time just planning - she's letting her sense of adventure take her where it may with her growing collection of visas.

Travel in your DNA? Looking after people in your genes?

We should talk.


We’re a youngish company and we’re growing. You’ll grow with us. We could tell you all about all the usual stuff about talent nurturing and passion and opportunities. Or how you’ll change the world by working with us. Good for you if you do. Far as we’re concerned, it’s really only about all the places you’ll go.


Our ideal DestinationNXT’r is Ferdinand Magellan and Florence Nightingale all rolled into one. So if you can’t not travel, pay close attention to detail and are willing go the extra mile to look after your fellow travellers, you’re definitely someone we want to meet. Write to us at